Session: Mobiles in Environmental Sustainability: State of the Art
The aim of this workshop is to share lessons learned, research findings, and practitioner experiences in the use of mobiles for environmental sustainability.

This is a rapidly developing area of inquiry that that has seen considerable activity and interest by researchers, citizen groups, and environmental advocates.

We have seen experiments with mobile telephony applications for:
* Urban sensing
* Receiving and pushing out environmental alerts
* Supporting environmentally responsible consumerism through text messaging services
* Fundraising for national and community-based environmental protection efforts
* Awareness and education campaigns

Widespread use of such applications however is still impeded by a number of issues:

* How to ensure privacy while still transmitting useful information;
* Ensuring data accuracy; preventing
* Sensor tampering and system misuse;
* Effective outreach strategies;
* Effective information and knowledge management systems for mobiles.

The workshop discussion will consider these challenges as well as the implications of field experiences and outcomes for the development and implementation of policies that would promote and support the use of mobiles for contributing to achieving environmental sustainability.
Session Details
Speakers: Nithya Ramanathan
Tony Vetter
Hernan Nada
Barry Coetzee

Date: Tuesday, October 14, 2008
9:45 AM - 11:15 AM
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Track: Workshop
Location: Marathon B

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